Coyote - Fight The Future EP


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Release Date: 14th November

Coyote deliver a standalone EP for Clandestino's second release with the brooding, acidic "Fight The Future" and summery live jam "Engineered Garments". 

Fight The Future caters for a ride through the club. Tweaking 303's and bells weave their way round a dynamic 808 rhythm track while the dubbed out FX and melancholic spacey keys reign in the tension, eventually swelling and breaking over a subtle voice pad. 
Chida takes things into more late night territory; intensifying the driving groove as the 303's build over a crescendo of thunderous FX sublimely rooted by a deeply cool bass-line.

On the flip side Engineered Garments has live drums and bass hung together with Cuban congas, beachside shakers and slaps & claps while African
marimbas dance atop the poppy piano hook. 

The flecked electric guitar coupling with the pulsing lead and Linn drum hits gel into super crisp production perfect for balmy, outside dancing. 

Selvy goes for a stripped back rework; the drums and bass coming to the fore as the marimbas are brightened yet sparing allowing the leads to cut through and deliver a polished heads down but hands up dance-floor soaked workout.


a1. Fight The Future

a2. Fight The Future (Chida Remix)

b1. Engineered Garments

b2. Engineered Garments (Selvy Remix)