Coco Bryce - Dark Dub EP


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Released 21st November 2016

Shipwrec are opening a new style chapter with Coco Bryce. Dub, jungle, skwee and breakbeat come together to form the signature sound of the Myor label boss. From laid back Caribbean rhythms to sweat dripping bedlam, Coco Bryce comes with melting pot bubbling over with influences and styles. Mesak and FFF have been drafted in on remix duties, each adding their own flavour to this heady brew. A 12" brimming with exotic spices and sounds from an artist who dares with his musical ingredients.

1. Dark Dub

2. Mononom

3. Jungle Book

4. Mononom (Mesak Remix)

5. Winter Solstice

6. Dark Dub (FFF Remix)