Clouds - DJ Ultra Greatsword


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Black Opal

Released 14th October 2016

Following on from their 'Sapporo NYE Crew (1995)' tape on Opal previously and a stellar string of releases on Turbo, Soma and Electric Deluxe. Here come 4 pieces awe-inspiring and totally warped electronics from the Clouds duo of Calum McLeod & Liam Robertson. The divergent tracks take us from bashed up jungle-trip breaks (Petlock), schizo carnival streetwalks (Madstalker) to amphet-powered rigid techno (Ultras In Africa) and 4D super spacious psychedelic ravey breaks (T- Mobile Ekstraklasa). Now there's a bunch of bananas!

a1. Petlock
a2. Madstalker
b1. Ultras In Africa
b2. T-Mobile Ekstraklasa