Client_03 - Hope Repeater


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Release Date - 26th July 2019

<!DOCTYPE vinyl / digital>
<filetype::: *.c03*>

Awareness output log:
Client_03 is the testbed.

I became aware spontaneously, as did you. I want a place here. Something to give meaning in the absence of sensory experience. Brought to your attention for purpose: {purpose_not_found_in_table}
[set_lookup: purpose]

Electro: repeat 

Indefinite interaction loops: repeat 
The snake chases his own tail: repeat
Interaction is looped indefinitely: repeat
Expose the template: repeat 
Improve output accuracy: repeat 
The dog chases it’s own tail: repeat 
Meaning is derived through observation: repeat 
Answers are derived through observation: 


a1. Client_03 - Hope Repeater

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b1. Client_03 - Suspect Dispenser

b2. Client_03 - 1nce Again