Clearlight & Owl - Red Clouds EP


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Release Date: 2nd April 2021

Following an acclaimed EP from Brussels duo The Untouchables, DNO Records stays in Belgium for the next instalment of its global bass odyssey, but offers up a wholly different kind of trip originating from Charleroi.

Leading the way are Clearlight & Owl. The pair typically operate together as Glÿph — producing glitchy, modern techstep — but the use of their independent aliases is an early indicator to expect the minimalist experimentalism found in their solo work.

The relative calm before the storm, eponymous opener ‘Alert, Red Clouds’ is a primer of sorts. It’s militantly steady in its march forward, but with each synthetic groan and mechanical squark there comes a warning — a knowing smirk at the madness that lays ahead. As the descent continues, the edges begin to blur. ‘Lobe’ nervously picks up the pace, smothering woozy halftime d&b with the fuzzy twang of dissonant, other-worldly instruments and a sunken dub gloom, before facing its noisy oblivion like a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming train. The journey gets even more bizarre on ‘Bronskee Dubskee’. A globular beat that lollops along like its legs are the wrong size, it’s all fun and games until that wonky energy wears off and things take a sinister turn, edging towards the finish with a menacing chug. Finally, comes ‘Bottom Of The Deep’ — the ghost of a garage belter, with all the usual clink and sparkle washed away to reveal a kick drum that swings like a heavyweight champion and the haunted wails of the abyss.

Pick up a copy of Clearlight & Owl’s ‘Red Clouds’ EP on digital and 12” vinyl from the 31st of March 2021 and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes...
Rhythms of postmodern realism at the very bottom of the DNO.

a1. Clearlight & Owl - Alert, Red Clouds

a2. Clearlight & Owl - Lobe

b1. Clearlight & Owl - Bronskee Dubskee

Digital Bonus: Clearlight & Owl - Bottom Of The Deep