Claro Intelecto - Exhilarator [CD Version]


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Release Date: 17th November 2017

New long player from Manchester's Claro Intelecto. Entitled 'Exhilarator', the 13 track album marks a return to action for the esteemed producer. A cinematic album of icy techno, weighty bass and poignant melody. From plaintive keys and slow motion drums awash with melody to corrugated industrial drums that don't let up, this is a diverse album in both mood and texture. Moments of ambient celestial beauty exist next to breezy and summery grooves while skewed and sludgy acid sits next to serene underwater dub. Stewart's mission to step outside his usual self has resulted in another landmark electronic album. Killer release!!!

01. Sunshine

02. Eye Spy

03. Mr Stewart

04. Guardian Angel

05. Ageless Eyes

06. Portrait

07. Pantomime

08. Through The Cosmos

09. Kozyrevs Mirror

10. Another Life

11. Animo Acid

12. Slither - The Way Home

13. Bite The Hand