Clarity - Infinite LP [2x12" + 1x10" Vinyl] 2017 Repress


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Released 27th January 2017

A definitive statement from one of DnB's most innovative producer / DJ's, 'Infinite' was released to critical acclaim in Dec 2014. Since it's release 'Infinite' has increased in relevance cementing it's status as a blueprint LP. The original marbled vinyl press is long out of print and fetching sky high prices on Discogs. The 2017 repress comes in the original full artwork sleeve and is pressed on solid white vinyl.

12" 1

a1. Clarity - Surge

a2. Clarity - Segment Feat. Skeptical

b1. Clarity - Cryptid

b2. Clarity - Talk Back

12" 2

c1. Clarity - Reflex

c2. Clarity - Inclination

d1. Clarity - Malformation

d2. Clarity - Follow The Signs


e. Clarity - Cyclone Feat. Indigo

f. Clarity - Subterrane feat. ENA