Cimm - Eagle Eye / Old Scratch


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Release Date - 26th October 2018

Fresh off the press - UK's Sentry Records swarms airwaves once again. Reeling in one notoriously effective producer after another, DJ Youngsta welcomes none other than Cimm into the ring. The bass weight badman has already soundly embedded himself in the scene's sonic heartbeat, including releases on prestigious imprints such as J:Kenzo's Artikal UK and the legendary Tempa outlet. Besides vital visual design works (as seen on Sentry's artworks among others), the talented Londoner now spearheads the labels seventh 12" release in full glory. A two-headed beast, once again showcasing the artists exceeding qualities, when it comes to firing up the dance floor in fine style.

Setting sail to the east, 'Eagle Eye' envelopes us in a sense of Asian mystery attached to cinematic drums. Infused with copious amounts of echoing space, a sense of mystique advances. Faint vocal chants chime through nebulous winds as one last statement sends the soundscape into utter frenzy. Cutting right down to the chase, fierce strings lead the way through the nefarious scenery, taking no prisoners as the cut-throat percussion settles any and all disputes. Invigorated with just the right amount of distortion and anthem-esque harmonic calibre, concluded by haunting foley samples.

Switching over to the B-Side, the ethereal expanse gives way to yearning brass melodies, hazy groove afar. 'Old Scratch' fires up a vocal fragment before lunging into a no-holds-barred shutdown scenario. No covert operation as delightfully overdriven 808's pound every last molecule in your vicinity. Abundant dynamics both in micro- and macro-arrangement, meticulously crafted to perfection. Swerving off into contemplation for a breather only to lunge right back into infernal madness. Stripped down to its vital core, the soundscape irreproachably asserts itself with full force.

a1. Cimm - Eagle Eye

b1. Cimm - Old Scratch