Chicagodamn - Postmodern Blues Vol. 1


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A1 – Freakin, Chicagodamn kick this EP off with a 4/4 track that has a great energy to it, techno styled percussion with hypnotic quality that you would expect with textured synth elements rising up out of the beat structure. Heavily phased sounds wash around the whole track adding mysterious vibe to the tune.

A2 – Strange Roads, Downtempo feelings with this track, transcendent elements that bounce off each other and intertwine as the tune progresses... calming beat work that chugs along with claps that leap out of the mix to keep you on your toes, an excellent kicked back track that does have a great energy and atmosphere about it, detailed work here.

B1 – Clean High, is the very energetic piece in regard to this EP, retro house / techno vibes that are washed with effective pads giving the track depth without a loss of urgency. The beats and percussion build up pace without ever getting heavy and uncomfortable, a dance floor track that doesn't go to crazy is the order of the day - an essential tool for your box.

B2 – Natalie’s Tracks, Chicagodamn finish the Postmodern Blues Vol.1 EP off with a wonderfully styled arp based track that has a chunky feel with well designed sounds written all over, it’s a really hypnotic tune that works its way into your head. Expert detailing in the percussion keep it interesting all the way through and yet again not overpowering the musical aspects of the piece, very well made and just as good in the cans as on the floor.

a1. Chicagodamn - Freakin'

a2. Chicagodamn - Strange Roads

b1. Chicagodamn - Clean High

b2. Chicagodamn - Natalie's Tracks