Chester Watson - A Japanese Horror Film [2 x LP]


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Release Date: 4th June 2021

The introspective St. Louis rapper builds a self-contained world with his magnetic monotone and intricate, evocative raps.

1. Life Wrote Itself
2. Transportation Interlude (feat. Kiminori Chiba)
3. Taxi Ghost (feat. Ria and Sima Itayim)
4. PorcelainGeisha (feat. FiFi Rong)
5. Yokai (feat. Psymun, Kanisono, FiFiRong & Kent Loon)
6. Witch Hunter (feat. K Raydio)
7. Kushiro (feat. K. Raydio)
8. Camp (feat. Kent Loon and Sima Itayim)
9. Teleportation (feat. K. Raydio)
10. Nujabes
11. Atlantic Interlude (feat. Manijanai)
12. Atlantis (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
13. Hypnagogic Interlude (feat. Manijanai)
14. Ronin
15. Sunken Place (feat. Max Wonders and Sima Itayim)
16. Fog (feat. Dua Saleh)
17. Daydreams (feat. Dua Saleh)