Chad Dubz - Drained / Dubaholic


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Released 31st March 2017

The UK-based imprint Unity Through Sound, founded in late 2016, has already been declared a household name in the contemporary bass music scene, and that with good reason. Their already- sold-out debut record by spirited Headland (NZ) has been taking great strides in the scene, rattling bodies left and right. Clearly demonstrating the labels skillful aptitude towards releasing firey material at just the right time. Bringing forth nothing but pure, condensed amalgamations of weight and groove. Keeping the spotlight on their side after a short breather, they’re now back with another weighty vengeance - mighty Chad Dubz at the controls for the second installment, catalogued as ‘UNITY002’

Based in Bristol, the ‘Foundation Audio’ label owner Chad Dubz knows his way around bass. Also having released on imprints like Cue Line, Indigo Movements, Hold Tight Records, the man is perfectly aware of the specifics of relentlessly unleashing highly regarded material from time to time again. Further embedding the claim, he’s already been on the airwaves on prestigious formats like Rinse FM, Radar Radio and GetDarker TV, as well as the renowned Sub FM among others.

Lowering the turntable stylus on Side A, the listener is met with sparsely layed out hats, reeling in the attention as eerie thumps reverberate, making way for the sound of a match being lighted. The sound is then set ablaze, furiously being pushed forward through its deep-rooted sub routine. Its foundation is accompanied by the odd, but carefully selected foley sample, echoeing away alongside the exquisite feast for ears and body. Aptly named ‘Drained’, feeling it on a big rig, will definitely leave us gasping for air and grasping for steady ground. The same has to be said for the B-Side, as we’re flipping the record, the listener is met with dubbier inclinations through use of catchy organ chord staccati and rastafari-esque vocal ramblings - all the while preserving every ounce of weight. UK-based Chad Dubz goes all out with his EP, discharging two authoritative full- body-experiences. Needless to say, the release can safely be expected to sell out rather sooner than later, so make sure not to miss the pre-order. A hot record for the lovers of bass weight...

a. Chad Dubz - Drained

b. Chad Dubz - Dubaholic