Ceephax Acid Crew - Byron's Ballads EP


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Release Date: 8th December 2017

Byron's Ballads is a dance treat on the housey-ish vibe showing Ceephax's melodic skills in full flow. Citylink is a smooth house/disco track ideal for cruising the ocean highways and downtown boulevards. Sneaker is a poundy 303 classic with an emotional melody which is simultaneously uplifting and melancholy. Haliphax is based on Ceephax's earlier "Friend Track" but has a nice Camelot chord arrangement and disco finale that takes it to medieval heights. The Hague is a simple upbeat house track with wintery strings and distant pianos over a throbby bassline.

a1. City Rider

a2. Sneaker

b1. Haliphax

b2. The Hague