Cannibal Ink - Samarkanda E.P.


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Release Date: 25th August 2017

We are very proud and happy to present the new reference from Rotten City Records. After the releases with original works from Tronik Youth, A Jokers Bizarre (Jokers Of The Scene + Club Bizarre) and Dj Rocca, with great remixes from artists such as Red Axes, Timothy J. Fairplay, Justin Robertson or MR TC, now it's the turn of the Spanish trio Cannibal Ink.

They are Antonio Canca, Guillermo Iraola and Andres Navarrete. Fruit of the union of its old moniker Voodoo Corporation, Antonio & Andres joined Guillermo to look for those sounds that had frequented their neurons during the last years. EBM, New Wave, Industrial and Cosmic Disco are the palette of sounds that make up their DNA.

With releases in labels like Ombra International, and remixed by amazing artists such as Emperor Machine or Moscoman, now it's time to give welcome to these guys to Rotten City with an EP composed by two wicked original pieces full of electronics & dark ethnic sounds for the dance floor plus remixes from the mexicans Zombies In Miami and the lisergic italian duo Mushrooms Project.

The first track on the A side is Samarkanda, a trip into the middle east. Slow and mechanical funk mixed with arabian sounds giving an ethnic touch to the
darkness of the track.

After, we find The Souk, continuing the style of Samarkanda but in this case more narcotic, acid and deep than the previous.

On the B side we find the amazing 'Audio Guide Remix' from Zombies In Miami, and as the name says, it introduces us in the mode of a guided ceremony, in a shamanic ritual that will make us find our own fears so we can let them go on the dance floor letting us flow through much more exciting places than the ones our mind normally is. Close your eyes and prepare to ride.

Finally, the remix of Mushrooms Project offers another good trip for the head. Longer, deeper, more narcotic if is possible than the original and retaining that ancient and dark atmosphere. Startling.

a1. Samarkanda

a2. The Souk

b1. Samarkanda [Zombies In Miami Audio Guide Remix] (Zombies In Miami Remix)

b2. The Souk (Mushrooms Project Remix)