Caldera - Retrospective EP


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Brightest Dark Place

Released 22nd January 2016

From hefty dancefloor bass-weight on Little Light and T5YC to deep, hypnotic synthwork on Retrospective and Silence, this EP the the perfect balance of dance music and emotional expression.

Meticulously crafted empty space between full kicks and percussion clunks, carefully placed stabs and chords opposite heavy slabs of bass and rumble. This EP has contrasting light and dark all over - the ideal EP for our Brightest Dark Place.


Born in Duisburg, Germany and now based in Brighton, UK, Malte Schumann is a relatively new producer to the electronic scene, but anyone catching an ear-full of his house, bass or techno productions might assume that he had been producing and releasing for much longer.

After 2 strong releases on Berlin-based imprint Sonic Moiré, Caldera was picked up for an EP on the subscription label Cut, and one year later we got him onboard for an EP at Brightest Dark Place.

Alongside the Retrospective EP Caldera also has a 7”, a split 12” and an hour-long cassette release planned for 2016 already. Look like Malte is set for big things this year!

a1. Caldera - Little Light

a2. Caldera - Retrospective

b1. Caldera - T5YC

b2. Caldera - Silence

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