Calculon, Shamanga & Austin Speed - Fierce (w/ Survival, Skeptical & DJ Madd Remixes)


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Released 5th May 2017

Shoot Recordings presents FIERCE, a collection of dancefloor sickness from some of today's finest bass technicians. Calculon, Shamanga & Austin Speed drop the original, a savage, banging slice of classic hardcore fast-forwarded to the future. Cutting and chopping with swooping sci-fi basslines, FIERCE earns its name, the meanest track Shoot's released. DJ Madd turns the sick first mix, a halftime juke rework that puts Fierce in a lowrider and serves it a cup of sizzurp. The bounce version for all the Cali heads. Skeptikal is up next, deep-freezing the track into a tidy stepper. Focusing the track s scope, it's a deep space killer, exactly what you'd expect from the don. Survival is the anchor, turning out a rugged neuro vibes that race through the nighttime city streets to assassinate your eardrums. The darkside sickness. Four tracks of pure FIERCE. Shoot Recordings for 2017, dancefloor innovation

a1. Fierce

a2. Fierce (Survival Remix)

b1. Fierce (Skeptical Remix)

b2. Fierce (DJ Madd Remix)