C.E.O - The Microfiche Edits [10" Vinyl]


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Library Tool Kit

Released 14th September 2018

ABOUT THE “LIBRARY TOOL KIT” SERIES: The new sub-label from WNCL Recordings features 12 short “tools” per release, for use on discotheque sound systems and home stereos alike. Released on 10” vinyl with digital to follow at a later date 

ABOUT THIS RECORD: C.E.O follows up his “Major Edits” EP on the WNCL label with this launch release for the Tool Kit series, taking abstract techno to new levels.

a1. C.E.O - MFE001

a2. C.E.O - MFE002

a3. C.E.O - MFE003

a4. C.E.O - MFE004

a5. C.E.O - MFE005

a6. C.E.O - MFE006

b1. C.E.O - MFE007

b2. C.E.O - MFE008

b3. C.E.O - MFE009

b4. C.E.O - MFE010

b5. C.E.O - MFE011

b6. C.E.O - MFE012