Buttechno - ZCAPRI


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Release Date: 4th May 2018

Killer stuff on Klasse Wrecks Sub label Zodiac! Frozen Russian plains rich with moondust and cybo-fog lie still, a faint rumble is heard from behind the horizon and Buttechno checks his Pulsemeter 5000, deciding to head on whilst he still can. Sonic lighting strikes the dead earth, leaving echoes that reverberate for miles around as digital feedback waves sore through the airless landscape. Buttechno steadies his exxo-bike, firing the back up atomic engine before taking a deep breath and heading into the lost and forgotten city. ZCAPRI is the seventh of 12 releases from Z O D I A C 4 4. One for each sign of the stars and then Z O D I A C 4 4 is forever dead and gone. Forever gone and dead.

a1. 808 Mod cutz

a2. M

b1. Subsonic 2

b2. LOZH