BUSZ™ aka Pier Bucci/Oskar Szafraniec - Symmetry pt.2 (incl. Rommek, Kuba Sojka, Dj Schwa remixes)


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Released 2nd February 2018

Earlier this year, we whet the world's appetite with BUSZTM's first album sampler. Now, to wave goodbye to 2017, we're teasing you again via a 2nd sampler EP - a vinyl-only story of 'Dubai'.

The original's moaning bassline, conversational synth lines and enslaving rhythm precedes 3 amazing remixes, spanning industrial techno, twisted acid and patient progression.

a1. BUSZ - Dubai

a2. BUSZ - Dubai (Dj Schwa Remix)

b1. BUSZ - Dubai (Rommek Remix)

b2. BUSZ - Dubai (Kuba Sojka Remix)