Bungle - Cocooned


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Release Date: 12th May 2017

Brazilian producer 'Bungle' returns to Thirtyone Records with his sophomore EP for the
renowned British outlet for all things drum & Bass. Doc Scott curates the label closely
and has selected four Bungle cuts that all have that same prolific vibe to them.

''Cocooned EP'' opens up with the sublime and dark title song. 'Cocooned' revolves around
a savvy bass cut and Bungle's signature big drums. 'Distance' is a special piece with a
gigantic pad at the centre of the song.

The big and jazzy hats are compilmenting the rhythm nicely while splashes of FX are cleverly being used throughout.
'Eclipse' is a nervous electronic cut with a thumping feel to it. Tech sounds, distortion and ethereal sounds
are moulded to a buldging piece of dancefloor music. On the last position of the 'Cocooned EP'
tracklist we find 'Impulse'. This track stands for: huge drums, deep bass sounds and a very ominous atmosphere.

a1. Cocooned

b1. Distance