Budgie - Sweet Sweet Spirit


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Available: 11th March 2021

a1. The New Messiah

a2. The Baddest    

a3. Brother Elijah    

a4. Heavenly Spirit    

a5. Church on Shrooms    

a6. Higher Than Before    

a7. With My Soul

a8. Trees & The Sky

a9. Forgive Me    

a10. Praise    

a11. This Is Your Life... Or Is It?    

a12. A Thief In The Night    

b1.  Don't Need No Doctor    

b2. What You Want Me To Be    

b3. An Un-Holy Truth    

b4. Soul On Fire    

b5. So Good To Me    

b6. The Breakthrough    

b7.  Party At The Tabernacle

b8. Going Away  

b9. The Word Is $    

b10. Do Me Like Jesus    

b11. Sweet Sweet Spirit    

b12. Holy Trinitiplets    

b13. Affirmation