Bruce - I’m Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle


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Released 30th September 2016

After an already exciting year for Bruce, this September brings his debut release on Batu's Timedance imprint. Following on from Steals' catchy hooks for Hessle Audio, and a raw break-up record for Idle Hands: I'm Alright Mate sees the Bristol-based producer shift full throttle into far more menacing territory. Fuelled by the distaste for ignorance, blind condescension and amphetamine fuelled brawls, Bruce delivers two cuts of floor destroying workouts. I'm Alright Mate has been dazing dancefloors for over a year, recently being a highlight of Joy O's Dekmantel mix. Tenacious kick drums set the tone, before screaming feedback obliterate any sense of predictability. It is as mischievous as it is hostile, leaving you to wonder what is coming next. On the flip Post Rave Wrestle utilises a similar sound palette. This time with a low-slung, surly rhythm is punctuated by splinters of feedback and blasts of noise . Every time you think the beat is going to disintegrate completely, it's glued back together with Bruce's distinctive confidence and skill before it is completely dismantled in a cacophonous finale.

Audio available soon.

a1. I’m Alright Mate

b1. Post Rave Wrestle