Brian Brainstorm - Footwork Skank ft Yemi Bolatiwa / Gunshot ft Ricky Tuff


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Release Date: 11th December 2020

Brian is back behind the controls for another slammin’ release via Jungle Cakes. He’s linked up with Yemi Bolatiwa and Ricky Tuff for a full on combination of summertime vibes for these two tracks which have the label's roots fully implanted in their DNA.

‘Footwork Skank’ brings out the brass selection with a full on array of trumpets combined with polished vocals from Yemi which flood the speakerbox with positivity. If you were ever unsure how to do the one foot skank to some upfront jungle, this is no doubt the tune to get your head in check to. Brian and Ricky Tuff join forces on a stripped back jungle roller in the form of ‘Gunshot’. Sneaky hip hop inspired one shots and instrumental loops are the order of the day here which are propped up by one hell of a subliminal bassline.

Fully on a mission for 2020, Brian Brainstorm is one to watch this year and beyond

a1. Brian Brainstorm - Footwork Skank ft Yemi Bolatiwa

b1. Brian Brainstorm - Gunshot ft Ricky Tuff