Brassica - Man Is Deaf [2x12" Vinyl LP]


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All nervous energy, ill-defined brilliance, detached emotion, and subdued minimalism, Man is Deaf is the new album from London based electronic musician Brassica. Sophisticated and distinctive it distills Michael Anthony Wright’s storied musical past; capturing new wave, psych, synth music, avant garde electronics, house, and italo disco; without sounding consigned to any part of it.

a1. Be Lost (feat. Veronica So)
a2. Dance (feat. Stuart Warwick)
b1. Turn Me (feat. Ghostape)
b2. Psychic Heartburn
b3. Deplore
c1. Tears I Can Afford
c2. Art Ebb Lull Us
c3. Spiral
d1. The Lodger
d2. Ballo Dei Morti
d3. No Apocalypse