Boylan & Slimzee - No Cure EP


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Released 16th February 2018

Four 140 BPM bass bangers from the grime wonder boy Boylan (who also has some history in drum and bass, releasing for the likes of the legendary Bad Company) and the grime godfather DJ Slimzee; co-founder of Rinse FM, member of the legendary Pay As U Go Cartel and owner of Slimzos Recordings; Slimzee is a key figure of first generation grime who shot to international underground fame at the turn of the millennium, alongside partners in grime Wiley and Dizzee Rascal.  

Boylan and Slimzee make an outstanding production duo and this debut EP is a testament to that; these beats leave a trail of destruction anywhere that they are played around the world, while crossing 140 boundaries and delivering unique bass music with weighty attitude.

a1 - No Cure

a2 - Replicants

b1 - Delta City

b2 - Reinforced