Boddika & Joy Orbison - TMTT


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A1 – Boddika & Joy Orbison : The uplifting and yet retro feeling on this track are a joy to behold. Lush lead sounds really grab your attention. The leads are held up with a laidback drone pad sitting at the back of the mix adding a sense of depth to the overall sound.

The 80’s inspired percussion and beat work are solid. The kick groove is well worked, and lower tom sound bounces off the kick freely. Coupled with snappy snares and Skippy hi-hats, this really does add a dance floor focus.

The arrangement of the track is competent and nods it head towards beat breakdowns and re-introductions with great effect. The overall feeling is quality, all you househeads out there should take advantage and grab this while you can.

This is such a special and well-conceived groovy little number that demands your attention.

a1. Boddika & Joy Orbison - TMTTWUN-1