Boards Of Canada - Hi Scores


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A1 – Hi Scores: Lets start with the title track from the EP and this has got a great atmosphere about it, very melancholic vibes are present with this noodle of a tune. Eerie pad and synth sounds are awash and create a mysterious presence, distorted 8 bit glitch beats filter up and down as the tune moves along, a very haunting tune that oozes quality.

A2 – Turquoise Hexagon Sun: Things move to a more downtempo almost space trip hop sound with this one, ice covered breakbeats chug along in a very relaxed way with glassy deep and soulful sounds playing away over the top. A capture of some general conversations and chit chat add to the laid back feel and the flow of the tune really is a thoughtful and peaceful affair.

A3 – Nlogax: Here we go down the retro 80’s electro avenue, this is a great track that has a very solid analog bass and synth styling’s that will make you think of the days gone by (if you're that old ha ha) Cool wave in its conception, this track really does stand out, the beats are very regimented as you would expect from a track that is from this period of time, a class production that is exceptional from start to finish.

B1 – June 9th: More industrial as far as beat structure and bass sounds go this tune has more urgency about it, metallic percussive hits keep you on edge of your seat but the track does not feel heavy, this is probably because the soundscape used softens the overall feel of the tune. Again this nods its head at retroville as far as the synth sounds go and the way that they are laid out, another winner from BOC here.

B2 – Seeya Later: Slow and mellow discordant sounds are the ever present on this piece, moody and slightly disturbed the atmosphere on Seeya Later does hold a kind of odd mysticism. The beats here are on the downtempo side of things and have a snap to them, this does create a good overall energy on the tune and keeps things flowing.

B3 – Everything You Do Is A Balloon: The EP closes with a very chilled and calming piece, this deep and well conceived track has you from the beginning, very smooth beat work is accompanied with a wonderful sound set of uplifting and quality noises that range from moving strings and subtle horn like sounds to soft delicate stabs.

Closing thoughts are that this is a great EP that really captures the whole Boards Of Canada vibe, if you are already a fan then this is a must buy, if you are new to their sound then check it out as its proper music for your mind with a bit of a head nodding to be had along the way.

a1. Boards Of Canada - Hi Scores

a2. Boards Of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun 

a3. Boards Of Canada - Nlogax

b1. Boards Of Canada - June 9th

b2. Boards Of Canada - Seeya Later

b3. Boards Of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon