Blocks - Seance EP


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A1 – Moon & Stars: The very chilled and relaxing Moon & Stars opens up the EP. This goes into the deep laid back vibe, with drifting pad washes and subtle pan stabs. The understated kick drum, hi-hats and clap create simple but effective groove, with a background rumbling bass accompaniment. The lead sounds sit well in the mix and the overall balance of sounds is tight, definitely one for the early AM business.

A2 – Patriarch: Retaining the downtempo mellow vibe from the previous tune, but has a more dramatic feel overall.... mainly due to the beat work that has a punchier feel, but without getting out of control on heaviness. The soundscape has a lot of tidy detailing, wrapped in a dare I say an almost rave like stab. Don’t let this put you off as the way its used is very understated and works well. The piano parts are fitting throughout and give a positive atmosphere over the more melancholic background pads.

B1 – Haven (Ft. Jennifer Hall): Slowdown shut you eyes and drift away with this very beautiful, peaceful jam. Jennifer Hall’s vocals on this are stunning, and are mixed to perfection. Blocks use of space between the vox is what gives that touch of magic. The beats are hypnotic, especially when coupled with the live sounding bass. The use of string sounds on the track compliment, giving a thought provoking quality.

B2 – Séance: The final tune has a very different approach. Not in terms of soundscape or tempo, as this falls into the slower chilled arena. Thing is this track has a film score atmosphere to it and real drama. The main attraction here is the 80’s style pulsating bassline that has pure drama written large all over it. The pads and effect-based sounds used are superb and have a edgy feel to them. Get you retro hats for this one, its got one leg in the past of synth noodles of old, and another in a space age future. EPIC.

a1/ Blocks - Moon & Stars

a2/ Blocks - Patriarch

b1/ Blocks - Haven (Ft. Jennifer Hall)

b2/ Blocks - Séance