Blockhead - Bubble Bath [2x12" LP Bubble Pink Limited Edition Vinyl]


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Release Date: 23rd October 2020

Future Archive Recordings is extremely proud and excited to present new material from BLOCKHEAD. The internationally renowned NYC producer has released 10 albums over the past 15 years, including four acclaimed records for Ninja Tune and numerous production jobs including notable works with Aesop Rock. He is regarded as one of the modern masters of instrumental hip-hop, and the forthcoming new album sees him return to record-label-released music with the bold and exciting roster at Future Archive Recordings (co-founded by artists Arms and Sleepers, Sun Glitters, Little People and CNJR, and also co-run by Mark McGlinchey).

a1. On The Bright Side

a2. Bubble Bath

a3. Spicy Peppercorn

b1. The Magical Intimacy Camel

b2. It Is Not Yet Time For The Perculator

b3. Sugar Daddies' Lament

c1. Over and Out

c2. Life Support

c3. Moist Ghost

d1. Spa Day With Your Moms

d2. That's How He Got Dead

d3. Vitamin D Deficiency