Blakk Harbor - A Modern Dialect [12'' coloured transparent red vinyl]


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Release Date: 18th September 2020

Second album for Blakk Harbor, the Greek Berlin based act Angelos Liaros-Copola and prolific sound designer of Native Instruments (DE), delivering disrespectful broken technoise with this release. Waves of noise and advanced sound design through pattern repetition and pulsating percussive blasts. Fairly terrorizing yet hypnotic with flashes of raw electricity and feedbacks riding on thick grainy waveform textures. Broken hardware transmissions and in-depth manipulated signal processing tamed to craft filmscaping monolithic sub-techno structures.

Staying devoted to his cinematic approach in music and darker narrative storytelling "A Modern Dialect" is an edgy backlash on our modern dehumanized declining society, a harsh uncompromising "dialect" against an ever-deteriorating globalization.

a1. Collapsing Horns

a2. We Are Disposable

a3. United Conspiracy

a4. Theory Of Power

a5. Open Body

b1. Individualism Is God

b2. Fatal Addictions

b3. Call+30 / For Crisis

b4. End Is Just The Beginning