Blair Sound Design - Chillax


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Culled over the naïve bedroom sessions of early university, “Chillax” is akin to blaring an extra hot mixtape from a junky deck in your car on your way to Cape Canaveral to see the last space shuttle leave Earth, all while trying to speed run Kirby’s Dream Land on your sister’s GameBoy Color. 

Heavy sampling tends to drive this Jeep and give it some character, many popular/unknown gems lifted from various dusty tapes and wax procured from thrift stores and vinyl throughout Northern Florida; cheap drum machines are clumsily slammed against it all and keep everything in a familiarly dance-y zone, while amateur chords and melodies are provided via Guitar Center synths and YouTube ripped Commodore 64 blips and stabs (note the cheeky Nintendo voices as outliers). A fusion of analog discoveries and pixelated memories (melded together by the relentless Florida heat), its an apt soundtrack for long and wistful road trips. 

a1 - Wooze (Coastal Mix)

a2 - I-4 Theme

b1 - Morning After Spicy Beef

b2 - Chillax