Blade - Blackbird EP


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Released 25th August 2017

Soul Deep Recordings and Blade are pleased to present the Blackbird EP. The EP features 2 richly crafted rollers that will rock the dance floor. The title track, "Blackbird", has received support from LTJ Bukem and many other top deejays around the world. The song starts off with a heavy amen break and light background atmospherics. At each turn, the break seems to get heavier as layers are added to the mix. When the bassline drops, the groove is undeniable, and will have your head nodding in approval. The song chugs along and builds to a crescendo with it's epic pads and tasteful atmospherics. "Bella l'amour", is the second offering, and it shows a different side to Blade's diverse productions. The track begins with a light break, airy efx, and chiming keys, that set the backdrop for this tight production. At the drop, the drums fill in nicely and the warm 808 bassline punch through the mix. Overall, Blade delivers big on this release, and will surely satisfy his fans with this slice of D&B heaven.

a1. Blackbird

b1. Bella L'amore