Black Josh & Metrodome - Mannyfornia [2 x 12" Slime Green Vinyl]


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Available: 4th December 2020

Coupling the precocious talents of Ruud a.k.a. Metrodome and Black Josh a.k.a YungSweglawd, the production of this album is one of finesse, artistry and cultural relevance. Ruud’s record collection is a lavish cornucopia of the sounds and beats from the ‘70s to the ‘90’s that drove real music.  And Josh’s helium lyrics and rhetorical dexterity meld the layers of sound and samples into one lethal weapon. 

a1. Self Destruction

a2. Fifa Street

a3. Demon

a4. Mannyfornia

b1. King Of Trash

b2. 2 Bad feat. KSR

b3. Locals

b4. Wannit All feat. Sleazy F Baby

c1. Smoke feat. Meme Gold

c2. Rage feat. Lord Apex & Lunar C

c3. Middle Finger

c4. Endz feat. Mennis & OT Babyface

d1. Therapy 

d2. Vimpto feat. Abeni & Coops

d3. Pretty Faces 

d4. Skruff