Black Job - Dynamic Safety


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Released 25th September 2015

12” EP : Ltd. to 100 copies, Screenprinted Cover Artwork

Florence, August 2015.

Dynamic Safetyis the new EP from BLACK JOB, the latest project from Italian bassist Alessio Manna, who over the last 20 years has worked with renowned Italian artists such as Isola Posse All Stars and Casino Royale releasing on major labels and collaborating with the likes of Howie B and Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas.

Having kept his feet firmly in the underground throughout his career, he is coming back with his BLACK JOB’s dream-like and roots heavy electronic sound for a four tracks EP out September 25th on OOH-sounds with a maniacally hand-crafted limited edition vinyl.

“Sometimes life it’s tricky, it’s like driving on a winding road at night......seems that moving on is the only way out, though you don’t know what you’ll be at, you have to test yourself taking the risk of crashing ....”.

This J.G. Ballard a-la “Crash” state-of-mind drives BLACK JOB through four twisted visionary soundscapes, four tracks that travel on schamanic paths to avoid the final crash, to step aside this ‘urgent- driving’ and watch everything from a safer ‘outside’. Sampled movies loops, liquid drones, sub synths and dirty tapes hiss make BLACK JOB’s musical trip combines electronic and organic elements into a meditative whole. It’s a journey, a soul-healing dynamic process that makes safe driving fun.

a1. Barnaba

a2. Cometa Music Hall

b1. Dope Harvest

b2. Outback