Biome EP


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Here we have a three track EP from Deep Heads entitled the Biome EP, each track offering a deeper side of the dubstep type of vibes.

a1Serenity: Biome kicks things off with a lovely deep vibe running throughout: really solid beat work which is surrounded with positive hypnotic atmospheres This track has real depth for the headphone listener, whilst retaining a certain edge catering towards a dance floor.

b1 - Constant: offers a more laid back feeling with beautifully crafted vox hits within a very deep, soothing and well structured atmosphere. The direction of this track feels just right and it’s a chilled journey to be on whilst listening. Quality work all the way till the end.

b2 Hold On: we wrap the Biome EP up with Hold On. This kind of fuses elements of the previous two tracks into one very complete sounding tune. Again lovely use of vox parts, and tingly synth lines that capture the future style that Deepheads are known for.

Overall this is an EP well worth a look, if you like your textures deep but with a certain edge then the Biome EP is going to be right up you street.

a1. Biome - Serenity

b1. Biome - Constant

b2. Biome - Hold On