Bichord - Metamorfosi LP


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Released 31st March 2017

''Metamorfosi LP'' is Bichord's first full length offering for the Planet Rhythm imprint after their Quadrivium EP (2016) was met with critically acclaim by techno aficionado's and lovers of adventurous soundscapes alike. The new LP is a split two with the A-side showcasing the more Techno oriented works and the B-side showing the duo's set of ambiences and lush tone. This lenghty effort is the duo's first full artist album out of many to come. ''Metamorfosi LP'' will be released through Planet Rhythm in the first half of 2017.

a1. Undisclosed Memory

a2. Mantra

a3. Crispy Lines

b1. Prophetic Dreams

b2. Tunnels

b3. Analog Wind

b4. Deep Black

b5. Sinister Clarity

b6. Pandora