Barrington Levy - Praise His Name


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Expected Late June 2017

As is the case with fellow ‘enforcers’-turned-producers, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes
and Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell, George Phang had been involved in the internecine street
battles that had split Kingston into rival politically-aligned zones during the 1970s,
when the broader effects of Cold War politics were played out in Jamaica. Following
some encouragement from Sly and Robbie, Phang changed focus, putting the politics
aside to concentrate on music production, becoming one of the most important
producers of the early 1980s in the process. Phang took over the rhythm twins’ Power
House label around 1982, and with the duo forming the mainstays of his productions,
the result was guaranteed audio dynamite, as this killer devotional track by Barrington
Levy from 1983 so amply suggests—a beautiful extended slice of late roots, heading
towards the emerging dancehall style.

a. Praise His Name

b. Praise His Name Verson