Bambounou / Shlomo & AWB / PVNV / Kas:st - Various Artists EP


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Released 10th March 2017

From Pa r i s w i t h Techno! Taapion records i s back with the third compilation: Four tracks made by French Capital city with Bambounou, Shl0mo & A WB, PVNV & Kas:st. First come The Traitor from one of the strongest parisian artist of these last years. The track has a psychedelic and breaked rythm , giving a feeling of a strange and deep dream with melancholic pads on top. Shl0mo & AWB, two of the three label heads, are standing on A2 with blind . they are building up a travel through cosmic drops driven for th and unstoppable big room rythms : a timeless witsful . Just flip the record and you ll find another Taapion records owner on B 1 : PVNV. He is travelling again I n a deep and atmospheric techno. An amazing journey into the center of a dream where techno is a religion. The newcomer Kas:st is closing the record on B 2 . With Noumene they decided to recreate their own vision of Taapion records.With that amazing voicepad , the french duo catches you on t h e Techno highway and gives you strong emotions.

a1. Bambounou - The Traitor

a2. Shlomo & AWB - Blind

b1. PVNV - Lost Manifest

b2. Kas:st - Noumene