Babe Roots - Spiritual Connection / Brown Walls


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Released 7th July 2017

From the Italian DUB duo Babe Roots comes the group’s third vinyl release since their debut 7” last year on the Sardinian ROHS imprint which sold out in record time. Like the A-side’s artwork suggests (a photo of the Major League Baseball pitcher Doc Ellis famous for pitching a ‘no-hitter’ while on LSD), this record will take the listener on a trip. In classic Babe Roots fashion, each song was carefully crafted using traditional Jamaican dub techniques, blending 90’s Chain Reaction / Basic Channel atmospheres and UK trip-hop elements. Spiritual Connection / Brown Walls aims to be their strongest release yet. US-based label Visceral Vibrations teams up with Big Horn Sound (a sound system out of Las Vegas, NV) to provide a record worthy of any dub-head’s collection, presented on 12” vinyl and professionally mastered by Beau Thomas at TenEightSeven.

a1. Spiritual Connection (feat. Baba)

b1. Brown Walls Pt. 1

b2. Brown Walls Pt. 2