Axel Karakasis - Hashtag EP


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Released 29th April 2016

Axel Karakasis has produced the mouth-watering Hashtag EP, for all those vinyl and Techno lovers out there to enjoy a wild time on the dancefloor. On the Main Side, the title track opens up in a bass-heavy, thumping tempo mode that evolves into a magnificent mixture of insane synth samples. The result is so refreshing and upbeat that you cannot get enough of it! Happy Monday completes the sequence on the side: the track provides an ultra-rhythmic counterpart with layers of textured presets and a voice sample that strikes out! On the Remain Side, Spillover is a rolling monster, with a highly contagious, utter rhythmic grooviness that is simply irresistible. Ample percussion and hats accommodate retro synths and reverberating keys that cut through the track to give way to a solid techno workout that is exquisite.

a1. Hashtag

a2. Happy Monday

b1. Spillover