Atlas - Solitude


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A1 – Solitude | An extremely deep and spaced out journey in the world of the synth-national. Analogue sounding pads are the order of the day, and they have a feeling of early 90’s about them. This track has an almost Golden Era vibe going on in the way in which the sounds are arranged, the pads rise and fall into a filtrated realm of retro otherworldliness. This is supported with some superb detailing in the form of sci-fi based fx and a wonderfully captivating arpeggiated synth noodle. The percussive elements that are used in this piece are minimal with click, wood blocks and brushed hats as the main body. This track is the sum of its parts, when all blended together makes for a great sit back and chill moment. Its a superb way to open this collection of chewns.

A2 – On The Cusp | follows a more expansive route and has bags of quality from start to finish. The stab organ / piano noises really stand out and have a really effected sound to them. These bleed into the chord changing pads to add an uber jazz experience for the futuristic space merchants out there. The beats on this beauty are snappy little shufflers, with solid half time kicks, tapping blips, claps and hats. These are all served up with bum shaking percussive flurries, which have a real energy to them and work to perfect effect with the spacey elements of the track. Atlas has got the blend of deep sounds with uplifting energetic rhythms down to perfection with the tune.

B1 – Alone in a Timespan | A great title for a track, and the content does not disappoint either. We hit a more neck snapping orientated groove with this one. The lead synth sounds are more urgent than the previous pieces, and have an immediacy to them. With very prominent stab sounds which glisten with their brightness and stand up to the rigours of modern electronic music. The ripping techno esc hi-hat really ramps things up without getting to heavy, and the addition of retro drum machine parts give a refreshingly different arrangement with the classic sound set. The clever use of delay on these drum sections gives movement and sway to the momentum of this track. This is how period sound palettes should be used in a modern way, its original and fresh.

B2 – Calm | We close with the final track of this wonderful EP with the oddly titled “Calm”. This is probably the most dance floor track of this collection and ironically is not that calm at all. This is not a bad thing and lets not take the title so literally here, what it does is give something else to this EP. The part that peers above the audio parapet is the vocal snippet that almost dare I say goes into a dubstep realm. The groove and vibe of the track follows in a similar suite. The beats have the sort of swagger about them and the analogue nedved bass of days gone by is in full effect here. It’s a badbwoy track let there be no mistake about that, but it does not go into the areas that make it hard to listen too either.

a1. Atlas - Solitude

a2. Atlas - On The Cusp

b1. Atlas - Alone In A Timespan

b2. Atlas - Calm