ASC - Zone of Avoidance


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Released 24th February 2017

A1) Solar ReactionASC is known for off the wall deep atmospheric music with a darker more menacing side to it, Solar Reaction encapsulates this to perfection. The usual ASC trademark of quality is here in abundance, with intricate beats, as one would expect, accompanied with a mysterious dark atmosphere that evolves into something with a warm and more welcoming feeling. Haunting chords and electrical static pulse sounds hypnotize and seduce the listener into a trance like state. The deeper drifty synth sounds drop with a friendly embrace on the ears and make you yearn for more. Solar Avoidance is a track of contrast is executed to great effect.

A2) Crystal MoonCrystal Moon is coming from a deeper and more thought provoking place and lends itself to an overall mellower vibe. The beat structure has a wonderful groove that feels like a gentle skip through a luscious garden of synthetic wonderment. The ambience of the tune is crafted with a real attention to detail. There is a dub feeling with the stab sounds that bounce up out of the spacey pads.  Swing is added with the bass pulses that permeate through the atmospheric layers of the tune. Crystal Moon has got a kind of retro style overall, and will give reminiscent thoughts of warmer tunes of days gone by.

B1) Astral DreamingThe first track on the flip has the instantly recognizable ASC sound of previous out there adventures from this prolific producer. Industrial Sci-Fi music at its best, Astral Dreaming slaps you round the face with its powerful rhythm and fore frontal style. Beats cut through and have an energetic positive forward thinking arrangement to them. There is more of a menace to the soundscape, with colder less gravitated pads and drones that rise and fall throughout the piece. Metallic stabs and lead sounds complete the extra- terrestrial experience into the out of this world and mind of ASC.

B2) Carrier SignalFinally we have Carrier Signal which forms more of an ambient soundtrack piece of music. This is a pure listening experience in the horizontal position. The attention to detail on this is superb, the percussive elements have the sound of a train on the tracks, which grow and shrink in velocity. The sonic depth on this track is a joy to behold, people who like to lose themselves in artificial outer worlds will love this tune the most. ASC shows his diversity with this EP, but keeps commonality and concept together as a whole. Obviously fans of all things ASC will snap this up and rightly so, this EP offers variety and exceptional quality throughout.

Ltd. clear 12" vinyl pressing.

a1. Solar Reaction

a2. Crystal Moon

b1. Astral Dreaming

b2. Carrier Signal