ASC - Trans Neptunian Objects [CD]


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Release Date: 30th June 2017

This is the first ambient release from ASC on Auxiliary, since 2011's collaborative album with Sam KDC - Decayed Society. As with the majority of ASC's recent work, this release continues the theme of his fascination with space. The term 'Trans-Neptunian Objects' refers to dwarf planets and asteroids that lay beyond Neptune, and are usually found in the Kuiper Belt. With that being said, you can fathom a guess that this album is seriously deep space ambient, and you wouldn't be wrong. A total of eight tracks spanning 73, which take you to the deepest regions of our solar system.

01. Sedna

02. Dysnomia

03. Eris

04. Haumea

05. Orcus

06. Ixion

07. Vanth

08. Quaoar