ASC - Binary System


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A1 – Sphaera : ASC the man known for sci-fi spectaculars begins with the beautiful and forward thinking Sphaera. The soundscape that ASC builds and creates here is one of depth and purpose. A metallic machine like sounds compliment wonderfully with drifty pad sounds that take this track into the deepest realms of space. The beats as you would expect from ASC are progressive and have a great groove to them. With snappy hats and solid kick drums this is a great head nodding piece make no mistake.

A2 – Monsoon : Goes down a darker path than the previous. Again machines and sounds of industry are at the forefront of this beast. The overall feel is colder and more industrial. Don’t let this put you off though as there is a kind of melancholic wonder to this tune. The attention to detail is superb with little noodles of arp sounds that do soften the track to some degree. The structure of the beats is of a more simple rhythm, and lets the main sounds of the track set the groove and pace.

B1 – Neutron Star: Now what ASC manages to deliver consistently well is depth and feeling that has a sci-fi edge, almost film score esc so to speak. And this is very evident in Neutron Star. The hypnotic feeling of the percussion is like a mantra that will take you into the deepest parts of your thoughts. This is coated it a set of spatial ingredients that your ears can feast upon with great delight. The bass pulse sounds is simple but very effective and they are supported with distorted sounds add pure quality to the overall atmosphere.

B2 – Spatial Drift: The EP closes with a very energetic piece. The star of this is the cyclic pulse that really creates a heavy hypnotic dose of brain whirling. The sound progresses and opens up and frequency changes which takes it into the stratosphere. The beats are based on a solid stutter kick that pound the rhythm of the track. Dusty hats and filtered snares make the groove irresistible, this is a proper thoughtful tune even though its in your face but not afraid to be. The sounds again could be heard in many a movie title that involves being in some sort of space drama.

What ASC manages to do here is combine many different styles and sound sets, and make really convincing and well thought out tracks that make the listener want more. This is an EP for someone who likes their music coming from the deeper side of electronic music, but with an industrial feeling as well. A great EP that is well worth your attention and your time to listen too.

(Aural Imbalance Review)

Released 16th October 2015

White Vinyl 12" with artwork sticker

a1. ASC - Sphaera

a2. ASC - Monsoon

b1. ASC - Neutron Star

b2. ASC - Spatial Drift