Asael Weiss - SVR001 [Full Colour Inner + Die-Cut Outer Sleeve]


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Release Date: 29th January 2021

SVR001 emerges as the first constituent of the Sous-Vide Records vinyl catalogue. Asael Weiss of Tel Aviv paints intricate soundscapes of dark matter as he takes you on a journey deep into ominous atmospheres, resounding bass lines and electrifying synths so hypnotic they might be conceived by an alien life form. Marking the journey's end, RQZ sends us deeper into the unknown with his take on Asael's First Floor. A deep and transcendental groover inspired by the 90's movie The 13th floor.

a1. Asael Weiss - First Floor

a2. Asael Weiss - K06

b1. Asael Weiss - K03

b2. Asael Weiss - First Floor (RQZ's 13th Floor Remix)