Arnheim - Foggy Silhouettes EP


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Vinyl hand stamped and painted, Each one unique.

Arnheim delivers it all on his first outing on Greta Cottage Workshop. 

Citizen Advice chugs the bass and key loops until you can take no more. Then does it again. Bit like Alan Partridge shouting ‘DAAAAAAAAN’ you’ll be hooked at the finish line, ready for a rewind.

Viction rattles the perc tin like its coffee time for drummers. Heartbreaking keys melt you down to the ground then live double bass builds you right back up. Pass the tissues round the dancefloor…

One Beat is a straight up basement party jam for the jazz house believer. Noisy samples fuzz around grooves then lilt into the distance, All the while those live drums crank the tension. Live Bass & finger snaps throw tasty finishing spices into the pot.

Mild Silhouette Of A Man gets all Wizard of Oz on yer ass… The tin man comes clanking out the speakers, slammin’ the ole one note bass & spoken word into your soul like the first time you heard it. Come here my man…

a1. Arnheim - Citizen Advice

a2. Arnheim - Viction

b1. Arnheim - One Beat

b2. Arnheim - Mild Silhouette of a Man