Arnaldo / Monoak - The Amber Season EP


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Released 4th November 2016

A split, double A side EP from arnaldo & monoak for your listening pleasures.

Arnaldo’s side fires off with the heavy Amber Green – a blossoming of material, feels like a post Gary come around when all is well with the one. Balerically drenched body gubbins.

Melodic chanting blesser Going Under To Meet You crafts out a sucker punch for the open hearted. Charming your pants off from the inside out, delighting william is a reet worn frit.

Flip over for ecstatic Monoak: Perth pans & skanks to the unison of a chuffed alternate big room treat. Embracing optimystiqal to the full, gliding with whimsical predisposition to sweaty hugs & swapped numbers on bits of fag packets.

Get flogged ‘round the heart strings and succumb to the most solid of urges. The Last Season farewell serenade is as hopeful as it is yearning, eking out the deepest of feelings with buckets of faded memories.

a1. Arnaldo - Amber Green

a2. Arnaldo - Going Under To Meet You

b1. Monoak - Perth 

b2. Monoak - The Last Season