Arms And Sleepers - Safe Area Earth [2x12" Marbled Vinyl]


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Release Date: 23rd October 2020

There are few acts that can glide so seamlessly across genres as Arms and Sleepers For well over a decade, the American music duo Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic have explored trip-hop, electronica, ambient, hip- hop and subtle pop with deftness andgrace. So it makes sense that a group so familiar with exploring multiple sounds and styles will kick off 2020 with their most ambitious and multifaceted project to date.

a1. SAE

a2. Art & Scope

a3. Ruined By Geography

a4. Open To The Elements

a5. Give Me This

a6. If I Had Drowned, I Would Be Here

b1. Leon ft Sofia Insua

b2. Roman And Mayan

b3. After World's End

b4. Don't Forget

c1. Black Out/Sun Shine

c2. In The Jaws Of Life

c3. Both But None

c4. Centralia

c5. Unwound

c6. ... .- .

d1. That Is What Human Beings Do