Archiver & Matteo Boyero - Instrumental Thursdays [180g]


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Release Date: 6th October 2017

Instrumental Thursdays:
i&i Musik and Wahever Records present an album of quirky and eclectic instrumentals written and produced by Archiver and Matteo Boyero. It was recorded over the last two years during regular Thursday sessions at Matteo’s studio in Homerton. The album draws inspiration from the diversity of musical genres and cultures present in London, crossing borders and genres; spanning Dub, African, Electronic, International, Hip Hop, House, Tropical, Techno and everything in-between. The sunny artwork made by Risa, captures the vibe of Instrumental Thursdays, and gives an idea of the wide variety of instruments and effects used throughout; from drum machine to steel drum, saxophone to synthesiser, passing through reel-to-reel tape, springs and delays.

About the artwork:
I wanted to create a sleeve that reflected the album, it’s sounds and the Thursday sessions that created it. I hung out in the studio with them, did some drawings, took some photographs and used these as a starting point. To me, the album sounds a bit tropical, with some cosmic vibes, slightly twisted samples, hints of Hip Hop, Techno, Dub and some African influences chucked in for good measure. The studio and recording process was all very ‘organic’, with many of the parts being recorded in live so I kept the drawings spontaneous and fun and used positive, vibrant colours. During the creation of this album, Matteo and Archiver both adopted cats who equally seem to enjoy hanging out in the studio, so we decided to stick them on the cover too! - Risa,

About i&I Musik:
i&i Musik is an independent, London based record label, setup and run by Archiver. The label features Archiver’s own productions and also showcases both up and coming and well established artists. The label mixes genres, taking influence from Archiver’s eclectic musical taste and his own vast record collection. i&i Musik represents many different styles of music, particularly those with an emphasis on bass. The label’s debut release Pusherman, features Jamaican Reggae veteran Mike Brooks with a vocal and dub cut. On the flip side, Good Morning (co-produced with Matteo Boyero) features the uplifting voice of fellow Jamaican Wallace Adalphus, who brings his positively infectious vibe to the table. Released as a 10" with hand stamped vinyl and a limited edition linocut artwork by Risa. 2017 brings the release of i&i Musik’s first co-produced album alongside some more interesting projects in the pipeline.

About Wahever Records:
Wahever Records is an independent record label Based in London. Started in July 2015 by producer Matteo Boyero with the help of graphic designer Adam Zelig and Basile Carel. Trying to keep the musical spectrum as wide and adventurous as possible, London is the melting pot of cultures that gives inspiration to the music. From Nepal to Burkina Faso passing by Jamaica without moving from Homerton, Wahever Records is slowly trying to create a friendly community of artists from all over the world and from all musical backgrounds living in London. Over the last year the label has expanded with new people and is working on a series of new projects favouring quality over quantity.

a1. Ebb & Flow ft. Nick Onley

a2. Didn't Quite Catch That

a3. Clocking Off

a4. Tytoniu

a5. Kamakura 0.1°C

b1. Sun-dried ft. Tim Wall

b2. Nimbostratus

b3. Interlude ft. Nick Onley

b4. Mystery Tape

b5. Wet Circuits

b6. Locked Beams