Antidote & Threshold - Angry Fist / The Caution [10" Coloured Vinyl]


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Release Date: 16th April 2021

It's been a very long time coming, but finally I can say the joint Skeleton release from Antidote and Threshold is here and it exceeds all expectations.

This project started way back in the Summer of 2019 after a long chat with Antidote about him having his own Skeleton EP. To say he was excited and felt honoured is an understatement.

He immediately started working on something fresh that he thought would be a good fit for the label, but unfortunately, in October 2019, before he could fully finish the track he was sadly and unexpectedly taken from us. As well as leaving a void in our lives, he also left a void in the release schedule and I still somehow wanted him to be part of it.

a1. Antidote - Angry First

b1. Threshold - The Caution