Anom Vitruv - Anomie


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A1) We start with a very interesting soundscape that encompasses pitched down vocals over a really deep atmospheric backdrop that really has a lovely relaxing feel to it, maybe slightly disconcerting as the vox adds a kind of otherworldly suspense throughout.

A2) Heading out to the second outing on this EP, with what sounds like excellent field recordings that capture a very East Indian type of vibe; lush bird song and general ambience of the area in which the sounds have been recorded.

B1) A quickening rhythm, glitch sounds and eerie soundscape that kind of utilises the captured field recordings here, very quiet and delicate electronic synth sounds are very much in the background, very nicely done.

B2) This tune has a more energetic vibe going on with nice hypnotic percussion and growing synth sounds that have a edgy quality, a well structured groove that moves along at a good pace, an odd but lovely track.

B3) A deep and atmospheric end to the EP again using quality recordings over lovely drifting sounds that are held back in the mix, this really creates a very visual filmic vibe, a haunting vocal adds a kind of spooky almost Bioshock video game atmosphere.

Overall the EP really has a contemplative feel and would be suited to a thoughtful and laid back listening session.

a1. Anom Vitruv - Untitled

a2. Anom Vitruv - Untitled

b1. Anom Vitruv - Untitled

b2. Anom Vitruv - Untitled

b3. Anom Vitruv - Untitled